Scandinavian and Baltic cruises

Cruise Scandinavia and the Baltics, for the majestic Norwegian Fjords, the arched bridges and the domed architecture of St Petersburg, the grand palaces and ancient churches of Stockholm, and the cobbled streets and romantic towers of Tallinn.

Scandinavian cruises

A Scandinavian cruise enables you to visit stunning places like Norway, the Land of the Midnight Sun where there is 24 hour daylight during summer. The Fjords offer spectacular mountain ranges with villages built from wood flowing down to where Viking ships and whaling vessels were once moored.

You will experience an unforgettable journey of a land steeped in myth, lore and culture. It can be surprisingly warm sailing during the summer, and this is an ideal time to explore the cities and urban areas as everyone will be taking advantage of the glorious weather.

In the winter it can be severely chilly, and this really brings out an icy beauty to the landscape. You’ll notice as you cruise inland that the ice and snow clings to nature, bringing a magical white contrast.

You will rarely be out of sight of land as you sail through Norway’s busy port of Bergen all the way up to Tromso and Honningsvaag. Each port is as awe-inspiring as the others and there is an array of things to see and do. From Bergen’s bustling fish market and charming wooden buildings, to Tromso’s Arctic cathedral and Stavanger’s cobbled street, each destination has its own charm.

Other ports that await your exploration are quirky capital cities such as Copenhagen and Stockholm, both of which offer breathtaking scenery. The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is an elegant city, rich in culture. The stunning city of Stockholm, with its canals and lakes that make up 14 separate islands are yours to explore.

Embarking on a Scandinavian cruise is the only way to experience this unique type of holiday and it is simply not possible to make the most of such an experience by land. Plus, you can sail direct from UK ports such as Southampton, Dover and Harwich.

Norwegian Fjords cruises

Cruises to the Norwegian Fjords are adventures brimming with wondrous sights and sounds. Be prepared to witness majestic waterfalls billowing downwards against the Nordic chasm-like fjords. It’s not just the scenery that makes this place so serene and beautiful, but the wildlife also plays its role in complementing the beauty of this part of the world.

Fill your horizon with towering mountains, gutted by glacial giants. The fjords of Norway mark one of the most dramatic landscapes in Europe. Sailing through these passageways carved out of by time is guaranteed to fill you with awe.

Norway, Iceland and the fjords that dot their coasts are truly magical. Take a Norwegian fjord cruise in spectacular fjord land and you’ll be treated to views encompassing snow capped mountains, ancient glaciers and remote fishing villages that have been there throughout history. This is a place so beautiful the sun is reluctant to set. On a fjord cruise you’ll benefit from near endless light night in the summer months and a chance to see the incredible phenomenon of the ‘midnight sun’ which is what this region is famous for.

Baltic cruises

The Baltic region is a land with a rich past and bright future, a history of many cultures contesting for control of the natural and strategic resources of the area surrounding the Baltic Sea and many different countries. Throughout history the Baltic Sea has played an important role in the development of Europe as we know it today and you have the opportunity to soak up all of this culture on your Baltic cruise.

Located in north-central Europe, on the eastern edge of the Baltic Sea with neighbouring Russia and Belarus along the western border, the area is made up of three countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania who all gained independence from the USSR in 1991. Countries such as Denmark, Germany, Finland, Poland and Sweden are all in close proximity of the Baltic Sea which is where you spend most of your time on your Baltic cruise holiday.

When you cruise through the Baltic Sea and arrive at your destination you will be greeted by a vibrant atmosphere, museums, art galleries and some amazing architecture. Such tourist attractions include St. Olaf’s church in Estonia, Catholic Church of All Saints in Lithuania, and St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Latvia.

The spectacular scenery surrounding and situated in the Baltic area is enough to make people flock to these parts of the world.

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