Oman takes in desert and mountain, as well as cultural heritage, biodiversity and legendary hospitality.

Why go to Oman?

Go now, because you still can. Go while you can still experience a way of life that touches antiquity. Go while you can enjoy the waft of frankincense and hear the chatter of bygone caravans, before they fade onto the pages of history. Go to wander freely and alone along the pathways laid from sea to mountain, by Persians whose footsteps still polish the stairways and bridges of the Jebel Akhdar mountain range. Experience the hospitality inherent throughout time to the Omani, the trusting generosity that erodes present day differences and returns the soul to its roots.

Journey to the pink lagoons and crystal sands that shelter spoonbills, avocets, ospreys and ibis, or sit and hear the silence, atop the orange dunes of the world’s largest sand sea, the Wahiba Sands. Sail Sindbad’s seas by dhow and watch for humpback whales, dolphins, olive ridley turtles, or dive the depths of the Arabian Sea for its encyclopaedia of marine life. Glimpse gazelles, pick out Pleiades, Pisces, Perseus, in the unilluminated night. Gaze back at 700 million years of geological history laid out bare at every turn. Lose yourself in a Portuguese fort of Marco Polo, or thread your way through the Aladdin’s cave of the souq, purchase a Persian rug from a Persian. Or simply bask under the coconut palms of Muscat’s unleavable beach. But most of all, go. Hesitate, and it will be gone.

We can arrange your 5 star luxury accommodation in outstanding hotels including The Chedi and Shangri-la Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa, both in Muscat, and Six Senses Zighy Bay, in Musandam.