Lapland is where kids get to be kids, and adults do too. This is where Santa lives and works. Rub your hands together, not because of the cold, but with delight, because this is where the fun begins. 

Magical Lapland is on most people’s must-visit lists, and not just to see Santa. See magnificent waves of colour when the Northern Lights appear, turning the night sky green, red, purple and blue. Stay in a hotel north of the Arctic Circle between November and April to have the greatest chance of seeing this natural phenomenon, possibly the most spectacular show on the planet. Indulge in sheer luxury by spending a night in a thermal glass igloo in Levi, where you be warm and cosy with an unequalled view of the night sky. For an altogether different experience, stay a night in a Snow Hotel, made entirely from snow and ice.

Try a Santa Break, with a private family meeting with Santa, guaranteed to give winter cheer to all, both young and old. Meet Comet the reindeer and visit Santa’s workshop. There is tobogganing and snow games galore.

How about a spot of cross-country or even downhill skiing to really put the white stuff through its paces, or for a gentler option a reindeer sleigh ride will allow you to savour the scenery at a more leisurely speed. Alternatively, hop on a snowmobile to whizz around the outback. For a more traditional form of transport, you can’t beat a husky mini-safari (from 2 km to 8 km) or an exhilarating half day safari taking you across 20 km of Lapland’s great outdoors.

If you want to learn about the indigenous Sami people you can do this by visiting a Sami reindeer farm, checking out the exhibition of Sami life at Koutalaki, or going to Lake Inari to visit the amazing museum at Siida.

Childhood isn’t complete without a trip to Lapland. Take a snowmobile safari, meet Santa and his elves, see the toy workshops in a winter wonderland laced with Christmas magic.

Make their dreams come true as you choose from our wide selection of Lapland trips.